Trio "August der Starke"

Table Music from the court of August the Strong - Viennese classic at the Saxony Court

The Saxon Kings, notably August the Strong, were very enthusiastic and passionate about art. Today we can still enjoy this in the Baroque city of Dresden, through the Zwinger, the Semperoper and the oldest Orchestra of world renown, the Staatskapelle. In the Baroque and Rococo (the music of the ìViennese Classicalî era) the Trio was the typical form of group for Chamber Music. The two concertante melodies play over the Bass foundation, symbolizing the Divine Trinity. Each Court evening was entertained by musicians, mostly in this typical trio form. The Allegria Trio consists of musicians from the Semperoper and performs traditional pieces by Mozart and Haydn. Please enjoy our Table Music from the court of August the Strong.

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The Allegria Ensemble offers performances and full-length programmes also in smaller formations (e.g. trio) for gala and events of any kind.