Trio "Mancini"

„Mozart meets Mancini” - A crossover concert through the american music history

When asked for the most important influence of the american culture, most european people will say: “…well, there is the Bic Mac, Marilyn Monroe and the Mickey Mouse.” But they forget the most important thing: the music! When the American and the European music styles met together, this was the birthday of the Jazz music. Without the marriage of the American and the European music we would have never heared such famous stuff like the Comedian Harmonists, theSwing, the Saxophon, the Big Bands, the Broadway Shows or Elvis. The Allegria Trio all of them musicians of the Semper opera- was well known for over 20 years for its highly performed classical concerts. But now they have been curious for new stuff. We believe of the words of the famous Leonard Bernstein. He said: I donít believe in classical or in light music, but I believe in good and in bad music. Take a tour with us and visit the great music from Joplin’s ragtimes to the Comedian Harmonists just to Evergreens from the Big Band area. Here comes the Allegria trio with “Mozart meets Mancini!”

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