Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten

1. Kammerabend der Staatskapelle: ethereal sounds in the operal house… Many composers were energized to appropriate works, like Mozart, whose Adagio und Rondo for glassharmonika, flute, oboe, viola and cello became the highlight of the evening”. “Here you could experience a miracle of sounds, a “misterious” music, which enabled you to feel the tensions of our time in breathla-tenderly sounds.

Münchner Merkur

The Allegria ensemble entered the stage. The young musicians captivated juvenile verve by professional technology, and magic sounds. The glass musicians generated tones on their instruments that one believed, to hear a whole orchestra.

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Those instruments of the outstanding Allegria ensemble which can be heard rarely rang out as from other spheres. One believed, to be imagined into the ”blue grotte.

The Staatskapelle Dresden

The Staatskapelle Dresden, which celebrates its 450th anniversary this year, is believed to be the oldest and most steeped in tradition orchestra. It did not only existed constantly for over four and one-half centuries, but also always belonged to the most prominent ochestras of its time. Numerous famousnesses, e.g. Heinrich Schütz, J. Quantz, W.A.Mozart, R. Strauss, R. Wagner, F. Busch, J. Keilwerth, B. Haitink, H.v. Karajan, J. Levine, G. Sinopoli worked as musicians, composers or a conductors with the famous orchestra. Their sphere of activity extends to opera and concert productions, record productions and tours in Europe, the Far East, north and South America. Their first record was produced in 1923 with Fritz Bush. Until today the Discographie counts as many as one thousand titles! (German Grammophon(PolyGram), Teldec, BMG).

Allegria Concept


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The Allegria Ensemble offers performances and full-length programmes also in smaller formations (e.g. trio) for gala and events of any kind.